Wood 66 - Custom made live edge furniture

Exotic wood slabs from Costa Rica

Custom made, live edge furniture

We specialize in live edge wood slabs from Costa Rica. Not only do we sell these slabs ” as is” for your DIY projects, but we also customize a slab of your choice into an awesome dining table, bar, kitchen top, bathroom top, desk or any other piece of furniture you can think of, with or without epoxy resin. Do you prefer a clean straight edge over a more rustic look? We customize your wood slab the way you like it!

For us, customization and interaction with you as a client are very important. Therefor, we will take you along in the entire process , from the initial design to the final fit. The result is a unique piece, which will truly change the look and feel of your living space or office and which you will not find anywhere else.

Our services extend beyond Curaçao. We take on any request from Bonaire and Aruba as well.

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Wood 66 is the right place to buy your unique slab of tropical hard wood or finished piece of hard wood furniture.



My story

My name is Joséphine van Wijck. I was born and raised in The Netherlands, but moved to Curaçao, an island in the lower Caribbean 23 years ago. After 12 years of combining a busy job in the commercial dive industry with being a full time mom of 4 teenagers,  I was ready for a new challenge, which would give me more flexibility and allowed for more creativity. 

My story with wood started on a family trip to Costa Rica, where we fell in love with tropical hard wood the country has to offer. Thus the idea of of making live edge furniture was born.

Since that first trip I have been back many times. As a result, I have establish good contacts with trustworthy suppliers. Consequently, I have a guaranteed sustainably sourced and constant supply of exotic hardwoods. Dedication to my customers and an “everything is possible” mentality has made Wood 66 to where it is today.

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