Furniture design, customized to your needs

Your live edge furniture starts at Wood 66. Once our slabs reach Curaçao, they are stored in our warehouse,
where you can view all slabs on appointment. After you have picked your piece of wood, we can turn into an awesome live edge dining table, conference table, bar, kitchen top, bathroom top, desk or any other piece of furniture you can think of, with or without epoxy resin.  You as a client are involved in the entire process, from the design to the finishing touches.

Do you prefer a clean straight edge over a more rustic look? We customize your wood slab the way you like it! 

Occasionally, our wood might not be the most suitable for the piece of furniture you have envisioned.  No worries: We have a great working relationship with Marvie Interieurbouw B.V. who has a large selection of wood species and is specialized in fine furniture making. We are also in the same building as Woodgoed Curacao. Hence a solution is almost always found!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your wood sustainable? 

Our clients often ask us if our wood is sustainably sourced. Our answer is: YES! We and our suppliers are committed to the environment by ensuring renewable resources. This is safeguarded by the Costa Rican government, through their logging and export regulations. You can read more about this topic here.

Wood is an environmental-friendly material for making furniture. It lasts a long time and it is renewable which means it can also be recycled and reused. Finally, wood waste is a 100% biodegradable. 

Where can we view the live edge wood slabs and Home décor?

A picture of each available slab, crosscut or root can be viewed online by clicking on the button “current stock” on the home page and wood slab page on this website. Measurements in the pictures are in are in inches. All wood can be viewed in our storage facility, on appointment.

Home décor, such as river tables, stools, side tables, serving boards, cutting boards and knife racks can be viewed online by clicking on the button “ready to go products” on the home and wood slab page on this website. They will also be posted on our Instagram and Facebook page. 

How much does a live edge slab or a custom made piece of furniture cost?

Our slabs are priced by the amount of Boardfoot (Bf) they measure; the larger and thicker the slab, the more boardfoot they are. Bf is a unit of measurement for the volume of lumber and is calculated as follows: 1 Bf = 12″ x 12″ x1″ . This Bf price applies to the slab “as is”, sanded to 120Grit and filled with epoxy resin where necessary.

The price for a custom made piece of furniture depends on various factors such as design, labor, frame, coating and location. That is why for tree trunk tables, kitchen counter tops, bar tops and bathroom furniture and all other items, you will receive a tailored quotation.

What does “Kiln dried wood” mean?

A Kiln drying process involves the drying of wood in a chamber where air circulation, relative humidity and temperature can be controlled. Thus the moisture content of wood can be reduced to a target point without having any drying defects, until it has reached a moisture content of 8-12%. All our wood, including our roots, are kiln dried.

What is the best coating for my furniture?

There are many different wood coating products on the market. 

For our exotic wood, we advise various types of coating:

An oil coating, which gives your custom furniture a very natural look without pronounced shine. If your furniture gets exposed to sun and weather, this coating is a good option. Because the oil gets absorbed by the wood over time, this type of coating requires light maintenance approximately 1 to 2 times a year. All you need to do is clean your furniture well, give it a light sanding if desired, then reapply the oil with a soft cloth.

A Pehalin transparent floor varnish coating, which is a wear proof, chemical resistant coating with a subtle shine. This coating gets applied in multiple layers in our shop. It is maintenance free and very easy to clean with a damp cloth. We strongly advise this coating for indoor furniture such as your bathroom- or kitchen countertop. Because of its durability it is also ideal for furniture located in rental properties.

A Defthane Oil-Based Polyurethane provides added protection from water, sun and wind damage. The coating contains both UV absorbers and UV inhibitors, which deliver ultraviolet protection and helps prevent fading and discoloration. This coating gets applied in multiple layers in our shop. It is very easy to clean with a damp cloth. We strongly advise this coating for outdoor furniture if oil is not desired. If exposed to the elements, it is advised to apply a maintenance coat approximately evert 1.5-2 years, depending on amount the exposure.

All our charcuterie, serving and cutting boards are finished with a special food grade mineral oil and/ or wax. When you purchase one of our handcrafted boards, you will receive a small tin of oil or wax to reapply when necessary to keep your board in optimal shape.

What is Epoxy Resin? 

We use epoxy resin to fill any openings and larger cracks in our slabs. It is also used to attach individual wood slabs together, creating our so called river tables and epoxy resin tables. Once cured, epoxy resin is extremely hard. It can be colored using a coloring agent such as mica powder or a liquid pigment. Epoxy resin does not like exposure to direct sunlight, so keep that in mind when purchasing one of our prodcucts.

We carry a large variety of colors to enhance the look of your custom made piece of furniture.

The natural working of wood

Real wood is an organic product and is hygroscopic in nature. Therefor, it will readily absorb and expel moisture from the atmosphere. Consequently, ambient changes in temperature and humidity can cause expansion or contraction in wood products, even if the wood has been cut, kiln dried, processed and sealed. These dimensional changes may result in cracking, splintering, and/ or warping, all of which are considered an intrinsic risk of wood products and are not claimable defects. We cannot be held liable for any deformations while in the client’s possession. In large slabs, especially live edge ones, it is common to see cracks, knots, bark inclusions etc., which should be seen as natural elements, giving each slab its unique appearance.  

You as a client needs to take he above into consideration when purchasing any slab of exotic hard wood. We advise you to read through our general terms and conditions (click link at bottom of page) to familiarize yourself with the above.

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