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I am committed to the environment and sustainable practices. Consequently, I buy my wood in Costa Rica, the world leader in environmental conservation. Here, both logging and the export of tropical hard wood are strictly controlled by the Forestry Ministry (MINAE) and the Ministry of Agriculture (MAG) respectively. Without permits from these ministries, wood will not leave the country.

My supplier works within the parameters set by both ministries. Not only is every tree purchased by our suppliers logged under permit, but all slabs have also been exported legally. Click here if you want to read more about the entire process from tree to live edge slab.

I carefully select and quality check the live edge slabs on location in Costa Rica prior to shipping to Curaçao.

Today, Costa Rica has doubled its forest cover since 1980, with forest covering 52% of the entire country. Want to read more about this? Click here for an interesting link!

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