Inventory of available slabs and finished products

We have 2″ thick slabs, 3″ thick slabs, cross cuts , shelves and roots in various sizes. We carry various wood types such as Parota, Monkeypod, RonRon and Eucalyptus.  Below you find the links to our current inventory, our upcoming new stock and our ready to go home décor products. All lists get updated regularly. All slabs pictured in our inventory lists are displayed straight from the sawmill. This means that what you see is an unfinished product.

Once you’ve got an impression of what our slabs look like and are ready for some exotic wood in your house,  you can make an appointment with me to view the slabs in our warehouse and pick the one you like! Just fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page and I will get in touch with you.

There are two ways to purchase a slab: Finished to a piece of furniture with a design of your choice, or unfinished. The second option is ideal for DIY clients and project developers. All slabs in our warehouse are kiln dried, epoxy filled & sanded to 120Grit. This makes them relatively easy to finish at home.

* If you have specific requests, let us know and we will search for you *



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